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Best Travel Photography Tips!

Taking best pictures on your vacation is not that difficult when you have some basic photography skills. Here you will find some really simple things you can do to take your travel photos from so-so to fabulous.

Candid and Unique

Candid shots when traveling are the best, but occasional portraits of the family in front of spectacular views and famous landmarks are part of almost every vacation album. Don’t forget to get in the vacation pictures too by using the self timer or remote shutter.

Every Photo Has A Story

Best Travel Photography Tips

You may want to tell the story of your trip so make sure to take pictures from the moment you depart to the time you returned home. After you get home and upload the pictures, select the best ones to tell the story of your trip and then frame it on your wall. You may include special vacation highlights like a fun activity you did, new friends you made or the place you stayed.

Get Rid of the Background

In the excitement of seeing so much of interest, it’s easy to forget about the background. Always take a look at the image you’re photographing, before you press the shutter release. Move a few feet to eliminate unwanted clutter like billboards or people walking through your picture.

Take Pictures of the Locals

Best Travel Photography Tips

No matter where you are traveling in the world, learn how to say some basic things like “May I please take your picture?” in the local language. Make sure to have a small notebook and pen to write down names or emails of people so you can offer to send them a picture.

Camera Logistics

Best Travel Photography Tips

If you have any plans for being around water, make sure to bring a one time use or waterproof camera.Watch out for salt water and sand as they can wreak havoc on your camera.Remember that even for the most experienced pros, not every picture will be a keeper, so bring extra memory cards unless you have a way to upload your photos while your away.

Don’t forget to prepare your camera for the next day by recharging the batteries and replacing the memory card. By doing this, you’ll be ready to go in the morning!

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